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Five of Wands
by jlbvt

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


In this card. the wands are symbolized by five stalks of corn. They are crowded together with their leaves overlapping, competing for space and for sunlight. They all reach up and inward, toward the sun which hangs low over the otherwise barren field. The stalks are fairly similar in height.


Corn grows well when planted very closely - it is by nature a competitor, and will actually produce more seed when crowded. But in the end, the tallest stalk will likely bear the largest and healthiest fruit.

These plants will continue trying to outgrow each other for most of the summer. Any that gives up or is injured and lags in its growth will be quickly left behind, permanently stunted and unable to produce seed. Healthy stalks continuously send out leaves over and above the leaves of their neighbors.

When the corn stalk gets too tall and heavy, and is in danger of being knocked over by wind or rain, it solves its own problem by sending out a set of stabilizing roots to strengthen its posture. This is the epitome of cornís capable and vigorous spirit. It refuses to fall in a fight against the elements.

The Five of Wands is attributed to Leo, hence the hot dry atmosphere and fiery yellow sun. The corn stalks echo the strength of Leo.

It is ruled by Saturn, symbolized by the relative longevity and wisdom of the corn plants.

Card Meaning

To me, the Five of Wands represents a long struggle among equals. It is a competition which will require much strength and perseverance. Anyone has a fair chance of winning, including you, as long as you give it your absolute best effort. It will not be easy! There may be many interruptions and annoyances. Along the way, so it is important to remain grounded and focused, keeping your goals clearly in mind. You must be prepared with the strength to overcome any obstacles or setbacks quickly in order to achieve your goal.

Artistic Media

This card was created with cutouts from colored card stock. It was titled and adjusted in Photoshop.

Artist's Bio

jlbvt has been studying Tarot as a hobby since 1998. She is greatly influenced by Crowley, but also has and uses many other Tarot Decks. She enjoys the study of Flower Essences and various other metaphysical subjects. She is an avid photographer and gardener. Go back to the project index, read the traditional card meaning, or get a free automated reading.

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