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Ten of Cups
by Simone

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


In this card, a big golden cup holds a Mandala of nine smaller cups, arranged with the open side to the outside around the center of the Mandala. They are arranged such that in the middle appears a joyful star or flower-like figure.

The big cup at the bottom of the card is filled with all that comes from the nine cups above, but as they are open to the outside border of the Mandala, they can receive as well as give, so that a constant exchange and flow of energy can happen.


The cups symbolise emotions, energy, to have one's cup filled means one is satisfied. In this card, there are 10 of those cups, one bigger that is constantly refilled by the 9 smaller ones which constantly make the flow of exchange possible, so that all needs are satisfied at all times.

The source of satisfaction never comes from only one direction, there is always a multitude of things around that can make one happy. If one focuses only on one thing and neglects or ignores the rest, dissatisfaction will be close at hand. So it is important not to close your eyes to the totality of the picture, not to be stuck on just one desire (which then would become an obsession).

Card Meaning

The 10 of Cups card is the card of fulfilled needs, everything your heart desires is there at any time. The only thing it takes is to notice it, to view your situation with open eyes. A dissatisfied look will veil your view on the things that are already there in favour of what is missing.

So, if this card is turning up in your reading, it is time to acknowledge the happy things that have accumulated in your life, to see them and, above all accept them as yours! It is time to change your focus from lacking to seeing what already is there. As an outcome card, it means that your heart's desires will be filled.

The cups around the Mandala are constantly in exchange with the world around. So that card, at the same time as drawing your attention to what already is, warns you to keep the goodies flowing, to keep the exchange going in order for it not to grow stale. So it invites you also to share your joy, emotions, riches (spiritual as well as material) and so on with your environment, but do not forget to open up to the incoming flow too so as not to empty again and return to the state of lacking...

It also tells you that there are lots of things aroun that can make you happy. Try not to focus too much on just one thing that even might be unfulfillable for the moment, but delve into the plenitude and abundance of the Universe.

Artistic Media

The base for this card was black drawing paper. After having been drawn by pencil, ruler and compass, the picture has been coloured with gold and silver gouache paint. The digital version of the card stems from a digital camera and has been cropped to the right size using the Windows Picture it! and Paint programs.

Artist's Bio

Simone (35) lives in Luxembourg and has been interested in Tarot for 15 years, but began her deeper studies of it only 2 years ago. She is interested in spirituality, life and the connections of everything. She is an investigator of human nature and development. She likes Tarot, Nature, walking, art, reading and all other expressions of life. Go back to the project index, read the traditional card meaning, or get a free automated reading.

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