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by breathhh

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
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A prominent, shadowed being, crowned and holding a scepter that has an equal cross with a sphere below it. On the sphere there are flames. The golden crown has five red spheres on it. There is part of an ornate, golden throne to the Emperors' left, our right, and its seat covering is blue. A black puppy sits on the throne looking to the Emperor. Two stand on a flat red surface in front of the Emperor, looking off to the Emperors right, and one looks up to the Emperor from his right, our left. A blazing red sun shines down from the Emperors right, our left, filling the card with fiery atmosphere. There is green grass in the foreground.


Shadow: Seen only when something is illuminated. Five pointed golden crown: manifestation and illumination of thought. Cross: faith and the balance of elements. Scepter: Authority and status. Sphere/circle: Wholeness and the unity of creation, individualization. Flames: The power of creative spirit alive and burning bright. Throne: Seat of power. Blue: The hottest part of the flame. The coldest place in ice. Puppies: Innocence and loyalty Red Sun: Passionate illumination. Grass: vital life force. Nourished earth. Four: the number of form and order. Structure, and stability. Rules and laws.

Card Meaning

I am initiating and inspiring. I am a visionary. I am an effective leader. I explore the boundaries of the land, and the community that is mine to be in charge of. Stability, order, structure, responsibility, and security are of utmost importance to me. I lead by motivating you to be the best self you can be, and taking authority on behalf of you yourself.

I lead by knowing that I Can Not do it all. I delegate to those that can get the jobs done that need doing to make for a healthy, stable community. I value my visions and the opportunity to bring them into reality.

I lead by the trust I place in the loyalty and the innocence of your instincts. The innocence that allows your body, mind, and spirit to be fully present in the moment. The innocence that seeks for a peaceful solution. The innocence that allow for the creative mind and spirit to know freedom and play. The loyalty invested toward the well being of that which you serve. The loyalty that aligns with your personal truth, and the truth of what keeps the 'Kingdom' secure.

I am always present. I am ready for the work that my authority imbues within me and around me. Even if I appear to be in the shadows, giving you the opportunity to stand in the light, know I am Here.


What supports the greatest good for the stability of the community? For you? Are you overbearing and rigid? Have you lost sight of your vision? Do you have the courage to say you are wrong? Can you lead and not lose yourself to the intoxication of 'power'? Is your 'kingdom' safe? Secure? Where do your passions take you? What form does your power take? How do you lead? How do you take on your own authority? How do you lead others to their own sense of authority? Who made you Emperor anyway?

Artistic Media

An infrared photo of herself Jeanne took in the desert of Arizona. Cut out pieces of an old fairytale book. Scanned into my computer. All brought together, and manipulated in Paint Shop Pro.

Artist's Bio

Jeanne/breathh is a multimedia artist. Fibers, textures, paint. Colour and more colour. Photography. Presently, mostly interested in the art of bookmaking, paper making, and altering books. Go back to the project index, read the traditional card meaning, or get a free tarot reading with this deck.

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