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by Simone

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
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In this card, we have a prominent Sun, represented by a Mandala composed of 24 meandering gold and silver rays. Underneath, there are two figures, again one gold and one silver, holding hands and holding up their arms in a worshipping and celebrating gesture to the Sun. They celebrate the light illuminating them and the warmth that is giving life to all things on earth.

That atmosphere the sun gives is one of light and warmth, but it can be seen as hostile too, because of the angles. Some might see (originally unintended) female breasts in the rays, and the interpretation of this remains to the eye of the beholder.


The Sun on this card is the generator and sustainer of life, and the two figures acknowledge and celebrate this fully. If the properties of the Sun are not acknowledged and respected, it can grow to a menacing and destructive fiend. The Sun can only be friendly because it also creates the shadows that allow us to protect ourselves from too intense light and heat.

Card Meaning

The Sun is a card that celebrates life and happiness, the sun gives and nourishes life, in fact, only the existence of the sun makes life possible. Without sun, no life. The sun makes people feel more alive and happy.

If the Sun card turns up in a reading, you can celebrate a success, and I would recommend not to forget the source of it. Where does it come from, what has helped you achieve it? Be grateful and respectful to it, don't forget it. Stay humble, but enjoy and celebrate it fully, nonetheless.

Spiritually, the Sun card means a breakthrough in the development of the inner light, parts of your life have been illuminated and enlightened. You are on the right path, be full of joy and celebrate this new state of being.

On the other hand, if you expose yourself to the sun for too long, you not only risk a sunburn, but dehydration and eventually death. So the sun is not only the giver, but also the taker of life. This card reminds us that on our paths, we have sometimes to cross shadowy parts. In fact, the sun itself gives us the possibility of rest by creating the shadows with its very light.

On our soul quest to the light, we sometimes forget that shadows are necessary. Until our own light has been remembered fully, it is necessary to remember that clinging stubbornly to ideals without acknowledging realities of imperfection will in the end only retain us from developing.

Artistic Media

The base for this card was black drawing paper. After having been drawn by pencil, the figures and the Mandala representing the Sun have been coloured with gold and silver metallic markers. The Mandala has been inspired by the picture of another Mandala, but is Simone's creation, with ruler and compass. The digital version of the card stems from a digital camera and has been cropped to the right size using the Windows Paint program.

Artist's Bio

Simone (35) lives in Luxembourg and has been interested in Tarot for 15 years, but began her deeper studies of it only 2 years ago. She is interested in spirituality, life and the connections of everything. She is an investigator of human nature and development. She likes Tarot, Nature, walking, art, reading and all other expressions of life. Go back to the project index, read the traditional card meaning, or get a free automated reading.

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