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Queen of Cups
by magpie9

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


A golden-haired green-eyed woman is shown holding a golden chalice in front of her heart. She gazes out of the card with a loving expression. The chalice is overflowing with water. The woman is rising up out of the water of a holy well or lake. She has a watery pattern behind her. Her dress is blue, and appears to be made of water, too.


Her face is blurry because she isn't an individual, but a Persona, assumed by women in the perfect mother or perfect lover role. Often other people project this persona onto women. All of the symbolism here is water, flowing water, and the golden Grail and perfect woman of our heats quest.

Card Meaning

This is the perfect lover, the perfect mother. She is endlessly flowing and adjusting to the needs of those around her. Her desire is only that your desires shall be fulfilled. She is Paradise before the Fall. She is the face of love we learn as tiny children, and seek for the rest of our lives. This is extreme yin, water of water. Archetypical source of unconditional love.

As an individual, this woman is run by her emotions, and nothing outside of her emotional world is of great importance to her. She is frequently psychic, introverted, and can fall into major depressions and other emotional problems if she feels alone or unloved. She tends to be highly dependent on other's opinions of her. Her communication with others is manifested more by what she does than what she says. These women can become extremely powerful in the world, but usually choose to do it from "behind the throne."

Artistic Media

This is an entirely digital card. It was created in Painter 6 on a Mac 9.1, using a semi-malfunctioning Wacom tablet.

Artist's Bio

Magpie Katz and her tribe of Outlaws make a subsistence living collecting bat guano in the deep caves of the unconscious mind. In the warmer months, they travel in the Circus of the Imagination as the Flaming Zucchinis. They hope to someday immigrate to someplace above sea level, and to enjoy the rumored benefits of civilization. They are especially looking forward to cable TV, Contrary to rumor, they have no interest in stealing your children.

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