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Queen of Pentacles
by starsongs

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
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Pulse ~ Pulse ~ Pulsing
Sounding Softly
Rhythmic Drumming
Heart of Earth
In Full Moon's Glowing
Opening Chasms
To the Stars

Sarah Gallant


It is a beautiful, clear, Full-Moonlit night. The Queen of Pentacles stands firmly upon our Earth globe, softly drumming as she meditates and gazes into the sky. Becoming One with the rhythm of the Earth, she acts as a channel for inspiration. She is wearing a crimson cloak that falls into a heart shape as it drapes over her shoulders. A figure 8 knot at the point of the cloak forms the top of a many-threaded tassel that has heart beads on the end of each thread. Her dress is rose pink with a border of red triangles and squares.

On both sides of the Queen, waves spiral inward and trees reach upward and outward toward the sky. The tree roots and the waves conform to the pattern of the Queen's dress and to the Earth herself. A five pointed star is painted upon the taught-skinned playing surface of her drum, the mallet touching within the upper triangle. The feathers and beads that dress the drum are blown by the wind. Stars grace the sky to inspire her and to remind her from whence she came.


Crimson-Red heart cloak: A practical sense in handing emotions and affairs of the heart; protectress of the weak; objectification of emotions; emotional power and mastery, tempered passion, compassion, and attunement to the Sacred Heart; Love.

Figure-8 knot/infinity symbol: Suggests attunement on cosmic levels; depth of understanding and ongoing transformation.

Tassle: Suggests the many forms (threads) this understanding and attunement can take, and the essential unity of all paths.

Heart beads on the end of each thread: Suggests there is practical Heart Value in all she does.

Drum: Symbolizes the Queen's attunement to Mother Earth and her rhythms and cycles.

Full moon: Suggestive of the Queen's potential to be a conduit for grounding higher vibrations on Earth; heightened intuition, practical magick, spiritual perception, and an awareness of cycles.

Feathers: An awareness of Mind and Winged Allies.

Two waves spiraling inward: Symbolic of emotional balance and attunement to the inner life.

Two trees with green leaves reaching up and out while firmly rooted: Symbolic of groundedness, achieving balance on the physical plane and a commitment to growth, healing, and being supportive of others growth and healing.

Triangle and square dress border: Symbolizes her mission/urge to make heaven (3, triangle) on Earth (4, square)

Rose pink dress: indicates heart-felt compassion and devotion

Stars: symbolic of hope, and inspiration

Card Meaning

A woman who is genuinely caring and supportive of others, enjoys the simple things in life, is grateful for what she has and is attuned to natural cycles. She is loyal, loves animals and nature and understands the Universe provides. She has mastered emotions, grown spiritually, and is thinking clearly. It is now time to manifest on the physical plane. She understands it is not what you do, it is how you do it. She desires to make beauty wherever she goes and she brings a bit of heaven to earth.

The Queen of Pentacles is creative, trustworthy, magnetic, generous, intelligent, hardworking, and is loved by those around her. She is intuitive and deep and her outward simplicity could belie her many psychic gifts and comprehensive depth of understanding. She can be a successful business woman, always bringing compassion and caring into her dealings. She can be tough when she needs to, yet regardless of mode, is always an inspiration to those she meets. She desires to help people help themselves and find their Passion in life. She is a wise steward of resources and she freely shares what she has learned on her journey.

Reversed: A materialistic person who is fearful of taking risks and is over-concerned with personal survival. One who is unable to appreciate and be grateful for life's bounty, and is selfish with what they have. A cold-hearted and condescending person with a pessimistic outlook; a person who takes advantage of others, is calculating, overly ambitious and disconnected from Spirit. A person who controls others by making them dependant; co-dependency issues with others; needing to be needed. Giving as a way to control.

Artistic Media

Colored pencil and pen on bristol board.

Artist's Bio

Starsongs (Sarah Gallant) has had a life-long interest in the metaphysical which includes a love of tarot. She also loves animals, nature, being creative, and encouraging others to find their creative spark. Go back to the project index, read the traditional card meaning, or get a free automated reading.

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