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Fourth Aeclectic Community Tarot

The Fourth community Tarot deck was created by subscribers of the Aeclectic Tarot Forum, starting in May 2006 and completed in November 2006. It's a full 78-card, Rider-Waite style deck and the artists could use any medium they liked to create their card.

The Cards

High PriestessLillie
EmperorThe 78th Fool
The LoversSidhe-Ra
The Chariotle pendu
StrengthDancing Bear
The HermitBonnie
Wheel of FortuneCielo
Hanged ManIndigo Rose
MoonBat Chicken
The Worldvaleria
Ace of CupsSophie-David
Two of Cups rabble
Three of CupsWalesWoman
Four of CupsChronata
Five of Cupstemperlyne
Six of Cups gregory
Seven of Cups QueenofPentacles
Eight of CupsNetzach
Nine of Cups ArwenNightstar
Ten of Cupsdanubhe
Page of CupsFantasyWorld
Knight of CupsSidhe-Ra
Queen of Cupsmythos
King of Cups Fulgour
Ace of Swordsfiremaiden
Two of Swords Lillie
Three of Swords Indigo Rose
Four of Swords QueenofPentacles
Five of Swords Dean
Six of Swordslukedra
Seven of Swords caridwen
Eight of Swordsgregory
Nine of Swordslizziecat
Ten of SwordsDwaas
Page of Swords Keigh
Knight of Swords Gerbear
Queen of SwordsMelvis
King of Swords jmd
Ace of WandsDraagonStorm
Two of Wands valeria
Three of Wandself
Four of Wandsrainwolf
Five of Wands FantasyWorld
Six of Wands Sidhe-Ra
Seven of Wands Lillie
Eight of WandsDean
Nine of Wands Abella
Ten of Wands Fulgour
Page of Wandslukedra
Knight of WandsSimone
Queen of WandsAnkou
King of Wands le pendu
Ace of CoinsKeigh
Two of CoinsHelvetica
Three of Coins Bat Chicken
Four of Coins Keigh
Five of CoinsAnnabelle4
Six of Coins euripides
Seven of CoinsSinner
Eight of Coins euripides
Nine of CoinsQueenofPentacles
Ten of CoinsMorwenna
Page of Coins DraagonStorm
Knight of Coins WalesWoman
Queen of Coins tk2dsky
King of Coinsannik

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