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2 of Wands

by Valeria

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


A person stands with 2 wands looking out into the unknown. A city is in the distance. The person is in possession of a suitcase and The World. The person holds the 2 wands while facing the city as if to draw the city's attention.


In the Rider Waite Smith tradition, the 2 of Wands is portrayed as a businessman, standing with 2 wands, waiting for something, i.e., his ship to come in (he is looking out over water), a business opportunity, someone to help him, etc. He is also holding what I interpret to be The World, which I find to be profound, in that no sooner does The Fool complete a journey, it seems that he changes clothes then starts another.

Wands represent fiery creation, creative growth and energy. Twos in Tarot represent partnerships and/or duality. In this card there is the potential for a partnership or collaboration such as getting a job, landing a contract, or starting a business. The city in the distance represents the unknown opportunity that awaits the woman. The World in her possession represents her own untapped potential and wisdom. The suitcase represents her tools ­ talents, skills, etc., that she has gathered for her trip. She is dressed in bright red which represents her passion and drive to be someone or do something on her own.

I felt it was important to show a city in the card to differentiate this journey from The Fool's initial journey through the Major Arcana. That journey was an internal one. This journey is an external one. Surrounding the city with water creates the barrier(s) that have to be dealt with on the journey. The trip will not be easy in that all must have balance ­ progress with something to overcome. As wands represent creation, creative growth and energy, showing the woman holding the wands indicates her power over these attributes. She holds the wands and dresses brightly to draw attention to herself, letting everyone in the city where she is, what she wants and “where there is a will, there is a way” ­ be ready for her!

Card Meaning

Unknown opportunity. Creative strengh, confidence in business. Waiting for something or someone to help or provide support or backing. Duality. Excitement in starting a new endeavor.

Reversed: Missed opportunity. Stagnated growth or lack of confidence. Not getting support or creating the connections necessary for an endeavor.

Artistic Media

The card was originally created as a colored pencil sketch, then digitally recreated using an iMac computer running Adobe Photoshop.

Artist's Bio

Valeria is a software/systems engineer by profession and has degrees in engineering and information technology. She is relatively new to Tarot and is eternally thankful to the friend that introduced her to it about 5 years ago. This is the second card she has designed.

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