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7 of Coins

by Sinner

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


Six circular mystic roses, each of a different colour surround a central incomplete rose with the distinct shape of a star, overlapping the mark of the pentacle within it. The outer roses are made from a 12-sided dodecahedron with each point connected to all of the others, creating a web of transits within each coin.

The central rose is made from a hexagon with each points similarly joined together. Three larger circles appear in the background, the central one, originating from the middle and connecting together the focal points of the outer coins. The background circles overlap and the outer two join in the centre. The colour of each rose is again seen joining the focal points of its adjacent roses and combining within the centre.


This card portrays six glowing coins as constellations, with energies and waves converging into a central coin. Each of the outer coins has a different colour, spirit and essence, each contributes a vital part to the overall pattern to reveal a mystical symmetry. The final coin represents the querent in the centre, combining all of these different aspects and energies within the self and manifesting them into an ordered reality.

This card is about controlling thoughts, emotions, feelings, dreams, aspirations and desires and focusing them into determined and consistent action. The certainty of decision and the success shown by the card is revealed when all states of mind and matter are working together for a purpose. Each is separate, yet connected to each other and to the overall image.

The dark background symbolises the despair and anxieties conjured from the mind. When harmony is established between all parts of the self, the symmetry shines like a light amidst the dark, protecting the inner self from fear or worry. But if any of these coins falter, some symmetry is lost, giving rise to apathy and stress.

Ideally, the calm collectiveness of the rational mind stands at the forefront of the situation, managing the thoughts and processes in order to maintain the patience and perseverance required. The blue background circle surrounds the top coin and connects to those around it, covering the higher areas and protecting them from darkness. A reversal of the card indicates an overtaking of the physical desires, as the mental attributes are shifted down in favour of the red coin. In this case, short term desires become more appealing than the long term and perseverance may fail. The weight of the sustained burden may weaken personal motivation and it becomes more difficult to maintain patience, and lethargy, followed by regret, may ensue.

The brightest point of each outer disc is the one furthest away from the centre, and if connected together, these points would reveal an extended hexagon. As the subconscious emerges in everything we think and do, it is only detectable through its effects over our different states. Yet, when we are faced with our outcomes, this invisible structure draws resources from within the deepest parts of our essence, and directs them towards the greater light of our conscious mind.

Here the coins represent the wealth of the soul, and the qualities that we harbour within us to allow us to succeed. Just as I have done here physically, we are each drawing out our own connections within ourselves, one by one, to find a purpose: Something we would work hard to become. Sustained effort and perseverance flow naturally, from each completed coin, a new motive is gained, and a new strand is exposed, fulfilling the centre. Once the connections are made, then commitment is assured, and successes will surely follow, and that is the message of this 7 of Coins.

Card Meaning

Hard work, determination and long-term success are all aspects of the 7 of coins. It represents sustained effort towards an aim, and controlling both the external and internal. The dark side brings about anxiety and fear of failure and inadequacy, leading to frustration and stress.

Artistic Media

Just a few coloured pencils, a compass and a ruler, with some minor computer editing using paint.

Artist's Bio

Sinner is a 17 year old British student, and, at the time of writing, is working hard revising for major exams in order to be accepted into medical school.

Taking up tarot out of curiosity when he was 16, he quickly became intrigued by the world of mysteries that opened up before him. Even now it remains an object of contemplation and significance as he continues to search for a deeper meaning in the world around him.

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