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Eight of Wands

by Dean

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


My idea for my card was very much influenced by the 1920's and 30's Art deco era, by well known design Artists called Clarice Cliff and Shelley. The geometric lines and colourful patterns of my sketch, was done to try and capture the contemporary style that once flourished throughout the 1930's, which by then became very popular amongst the young and hip Art designers of that time. I have tried to blend the two concepts of Art deco and Tarot imagery together, by adding dark and colourful contrasts in the design of my card.


At the bottom of my card shows a patch of green land in the centre, stands a human figure that represents Mercury. The landscape behind shows a dark and colourful background - meaning that fast expanding horizons are now approaching, new and positive opportunities are heading this way. The six wands are all laid out on the ground ready for designing, each wand represents a paintbrush, the figure holds the other two wands in both hands and is painting the colourful skyline above. This shows the figure's enthusiasm in communicating new ideas with thoughts and action.

Card Meaning

The eight of wands in many Tarot decks have always been illustrated as being a positive card. The meaning of my eight of wands has been influenced by aspects of creating something important with speedily action, this can then be applied to the creative development of a new project. In my interpretation of this card this can reflect on how we can create a structure from an idea and then expand this into reality.

Fast expanding communication is now approaching, new and positive opportunities are heading your way. The enthusiasm in communicating new ideas with thoughts and action.

Artistic Media

Used a plain sheet of A4 paper then sketched geometric lines and patterns with black felt pen to achieve a 1930's feel. Colour was added by using bright coloured oil paints, then blended each colour with dark and colourful contrasts.

Artist's Bio

Since Dean's childhood he was always caught sketching pictures in school lessons by his teacher, who had always thought that Dean was born with a paintbrush in his hand, this later won him a few competions with his artistic streak.

This eventually brought Dean to Art college, where he studied geometric graphics and learned about different techniques and design formats.This was how he first got into Tarot by looking at the different symbolisms and images of a wide range of Tarot decks that is now available to study and appreciate.

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