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Ten of Coins

by Morwenna

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


A couple is standing in front of a great castle with turrets. Colourful foliage makes the backdrop.

They are holding hands and look at each other happily - his head is tilted down to her face and you can see they will kiss any moment now.

Both wear festive clothing - gown and tux - which looks natural and comfortable on them, like they are elegantly outfitted every day. Still, the whole arrangement suggests this could be a wedding.

On the left side of the card, ten coins from various currencies form a line. On one of the bigger coins, the light gets caught in a sparkling flare.


Castle: Material accomplishment, a safe harbour, a stronghold for values and valuables alike.

(Wedding) Couple/Marriage: Emotional stability and maturity; a traditional approach to life; setting things "in order".

10 Coins: Material abundance, wealth, connection to the Earth element. Flare on Coin: Success shines; a falling star that stands for granted wishes

Foliage and plants: Growth on a stable foundation, harvest, but also new seeds, indicating following generastions.

Card Meaning

This cards depicts my best friend and his wife on their wedding day. Both come from affluent backgrounds, but both pursue very successful careers. They always radiate just the aura of contentment that for me goes with the 10 of Coins. Incidentally, their zodiac signs are Virgo and Taurus, thus emphasizing the Earth correspondence of the Coins suit, which is very pronounced in the Ten.

The wealth in this card usually does not come suddenly, nor to those without merit. It is a result of efforts. The couple in this card has received part of their wealth, both material and in terms of stable loving homes, from the generation before them, but did not rest on the laurels, and made their own way. As every completed cycle carries the seed for the new cycle, they are now ready to share their wealth and pass it on to the next generation.

Divinatory meaning:
- Material abundance, affluence
- Protection, a safe haven
- Traditions, foundation

Shadow meaning:
- Ungratefulness, absence of charity, putting traditions over spiritual needs

Artistic Media

A scanned photo I took at my best friend's wedding of the couple, alterd with some Photo Shop filters. Background is scanned piece of scrapbooking paper. The castle was sketched on a graphic tablet and then digitally enhanced, using Castle Neuschwanstein as as reference. The coins are a Paintshop Pro image tube. The font is a historical German one called AD Zierfraktur, and was enhanced with SuperBlade Pro.

Artist's Bio

Morwenna was born in South Germany in 1967 as a Gemini with Sagittarius rising and a fierce Scorpio moon. She is a market research consultant and an author for metaphysical books. Two books on faerie encounters and lore were published in Germany.

She started studying the Tarot in her late teens, which was back in the Eighties. Her deck collection has grown to 800 since buying Ferguson's Tarot of the Witches in 1987.

During the summer months, she can be found roaming renaissance fairs all over Germany and occasionally selling her symbolic jewellery and shrines.

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