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The Chariot

by le pendu

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


A strong, confident man stands within his chariot. He is focused, sure of himself... he has experienced the world and triumphed its challenges. In his hand he holds the "reins" of the forces that move his chariot (represented by the two horses). The horses are inclined to pull against each other, and left to their will the chariot might stop or crash... but with his concentration and focus, he controls the direction in which the chariot moves. Against the obstacles, against the pulls of fate, the charioteer has mastered the forces that, if left untamed, would control him. The will to do right has triumphed over chaos, the recognition and appreciation of the job well done is celebrated.


This card is initially based on the Tarot of Marseille iconography (from at least the 17th century). I wondered while developing it what were, to me, the "essential" elements that, even if placed in the future, "needed" to be there. I posed the figure in the traditional manner with his left hand firmly at his side, conveying his authority. The "spaulders" on his shoulder with the faces needed to be included, as did the horses drawing the chariot, and the triumphal crown on his head. One item that I "lost" was the spear in his hand. I tried to imagine the Charioteer in the future holding a spear (god-forbid a "light-saber"), and decided to use the hand instead for the futuristic navigational device.

Card Meaning

Triumph. Recognition. Purity of intent.

Artistic Media

The figure was created in "Poser 6" using "Michael 3" as the base model, many hours were spent customizing the features and body structure of the Charioteer. The horses and armor were purchased from 3D developers and modified. The additional faces on the spaulders (shoulders) were also created in Poser. The chariot and atmosphere were created in "Carrara". "Photoshop" was used for minor adjustments and "sweetening".

Artist's Bio

I'm thrilled to be participating for the second time in an Aeclectic Tarot Forum deck. Working on this card was a terrific experience, as I had little experience with Poser, and none with Carrara or other 3D modeling programs before the development of this card, (having only used "Bryce" for scenic development in the past). I loved being able to incorporate my background in photography and graphic design into the development of this card, and am now enthralled with the possibilities of working in 3D, even if only for my personal satisfaction.

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