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The Lovers

by Sidhe-Ra

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


The lovers stand at the shore of a lake at sunset, the crescent of the new moon bright in the sky. They have just been handfasted in the pagan tradition and are about to find a private place to consummate their vows. The man wears the horned headdress sacred to his god, as a sign of his virility, the woman wears flowers for the Goddess as a token of her fertility, and a white veil for purity. They have come together under the eyes of the great Goddess, who looks on them from the evening sky with love and approval.


The presence of both sun and moon in the sky in this card is most important- it represents the coming together of the male, solar, active force, and the female, lunar, receptive force. The fact that it is a new moon represents the new life that the couple are about to start together, and the fruit which that union will bring. The lake represents the depth of emotion and longing the lovers have for each other and the beauty of that love. The scarf that binds them together is red, the colour of The Emperor, and the veil is white, the colour of The Empress, to indicate their connection with these archetypes.

Card Meaning

If this card appears in a reading, it generally signifies a healthy, balanced, and fruitful partnership of some kind. Quite often this is romantic, and can indeed indicate a marriage, but it can also be a friendship or business relationship. It shows a commitment to a choice, and the responsibilities it will entail, as well as the joys. However, if reversed or ill-aspected, it can indicate a poor, regretful choice, imbalance and/or unfaithfulness.

Artistic Media

This card was created with straightforward acrylic paint on rather floppy canvas.

Artist's Bio

Emily Carding is 31 and currently trying to re-forge a career for herself as an artist, as she had to give up her career on stage after the birth of her daughter Willow (now three). She is an ordained Priestess, Reiki master, Shaman and Witch, and has been using Tarot for about twelve Years. She is the creator of The Tarot of the Sidhe, and her work can be seen regularly in Pentacle and Imramma Magazine. She specialises in visionary pagan art, and has a flair for poster design! Plans for the future include an exhibition and writing and illustrating her own children's books. You can keep up to date with what Emily is up to on her website.

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