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The Tower

by MeeWah

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


A lighthouse stands on high rough ground over-looking the water, which is not in immediate view. The lighthouse constructed of wood panels painted black and white. On the upper part of the lighthouse, three white panels each bear a window. Near the top of the structure is a lantern containing a six-pointed star composed of two triangle shapes intersecting each other. A strong beacon of light streams out from either side of the lantern. The A-frame roof above is cracked from a lightning bolt & flames shoot out into the sky. Clouds hover on both sides. 10 raindrops (yods) fall from clouds on the card right; 12 on the card left. In the distance, the sun is hovering slightly above the horizon. Behind the lighthouse, the background of sand & soil meet a horizontal forest line.

Note: A personal attraction to lighthouses & their purpose inspired the use of a lighthouse image for this card. This particular lighthouse design in turn inspired by a local structure, the Cape Henry Lighthouse.


The traditional symbol for this card is a tower. For this card, a lighthouse takes its place to represent a structure, thought or the body physical.

A lighthouse is usually a tower structure built near a shoreline or on a seabed to signal danger for water vessels or to provide aid to seamen. The original lighthouses were constructed of wood but frequently destroyed in severe storms until stronger materials utilized.

Its colours of black and white to refer to duality; opposites uniting; the yin and yang or the passive and active principles; cooperation and understanding. The three windows represent the three levels of being: physical /emotional, mental and spiritual.

The gray base of the lighthouse to symbolize the mental foundation or origin of structure or structured thought.

The light fixture is the illuminated or enlightened mind.

The roof or cap on the tower is the crown on the individual's head. The crown is associated with the pituitary gland, known as the master gland of the endocrine system because it regulates the functions of all the glands.

*The 7 flames shooting out of the lighthouse top represent the energy necessary to change or evolve. That of the 'trial by fire' by which the learning or knowledge acquired through particular experiences. Their number refers to the flip-side of 16-Tower: 7-The Chariot. The number 7 pertains to mastery, initiation, inner awakening, completion.*

The lightning bolt represents knowledge; a message; an act of the Godforce.

Clouds refer to conditions or forces out of man's control, including the elemental forces of nature.

10 and 12 raindrops or yods allude to 'blessings from above'; the Godforce; the energy required for change. Purification by water to denote of the spirit or spiritual influences. Or purification by fire to denote accumulated experiences resulting in wisdom. 10 the completion of a cycle; 12 to refer to order, physical and spiritual perfection. *They total 22, a master number symbolizing mastery of the mental plane.*

The barren land or desert to denote the sterility of thought; lack of comprehension.

A distant forest to represent the fertility of imagination & enriched understanding available upon change or experience; a passage or transition.

The sun either rising at dawn or setting at dusk. In either case, its rays cast illumination and whether at daybreak or twilight, to be seen accordingly and different.

Card Meaning

Upright: Change or opportunity for same. Communication issue. An important message. A warning. Crisis. Destruction through abusive use of ambition, authority or will. Freedom from a situation. An accident. A head injury. Bankruptcy. Separation or divorce. A material loss. A fire. Ill health. Death. New-found knowledge or a sudden discovery. Spiritual inspiration. Sexual act or experience. Telephone call.

Reversed: Delay. Resistance or unwilling to change. Avoiding the inevitable. Fear. Doubt. The manipulatory.

Artistic Media

No. 2 lead pencil, Berol Prismacolor Pencils, Sharpie Permanent Extra-Fine on drawing paper.

Artist's Bio

MeeWah resides in Virginia, U.S.A. The interest in and focus on Tarot the product of a life-long interest in Art and the metaphysical -- Tarot expressive of both. The first reading experiences began with a deck of regular playing cards. She works a "regular" job whose hours are anything but regular and reads professionally part-time as an intuitive counselor.

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