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16 - Stars

by purple_scorp

Astrological Symbol Significance

Sun in Scorpio

With a fixed modality, the element of water, and ruled by Pluto and Mars, the 8th sign of the zodiac (Sun in Scorpio) is the only sign with three symbols (scorpion, eagle, and phoenix).

The Scorpion glyph looks like a plain-old, boring letter ‘M’ but there’s a difference. It has an upward-turned arrow that some would say, represents the sharp and pointed sting of the tail. While, others muse it portrays the male genitals.

When the negative Scorpion learns optimism he evolves into the eagle, and possesses amazing regenerative powers - to heal, create, and transform. People born under this sign will often undergo a life-transformation. The Scorpion has an amazing ability to bounce back, or reinvent themself. The un-evolved scorpion transforms into the powerful eagle and operates with clear vision, intelligence, power, and freedom. And when the dust settles, it is the phoenix that rises to take on a new form.

The Scorpion catch phrase is: “I desire”. Scorpions are notorious for knowing what they want, and when, and how to get it.

Playing Card Symbol Interpretation

Six of Hearts

The Six of Hearts can often indicate your relationship with family and friends. The position of this card in relation to the other cards in the spread will determine its meaning.

If surrounded by positive cards, it denotes a good person or someone who is making good progress. This person is loyal, diligent and passionate, and will work hard to see their project to fruition. The Six of Hearts can also indicate a deepening emotional bond, so it’s often an important card for love.

If surrounded by difficult cards, it can indicate an insincere or emotionally dependant person and, jealousy could cause problems in your relationship. If there is a weakness to be overly-generous and trusting, this Six of Hearts warns you may be taken advantage of, or your generosity imposed upon. Watch out for unrealistic hopes and false promises.

Artists Personal Symbol

I created this ATF Avatar because I have four planets in Scorpio (Sun, Venus, Mercury and Neptune) and love the colour purple. Although we can often appear secretive and mysterious, a scorpion has many layers that are reflected by the multi-coloured light-shafts in my image. Only the people in our inner circle are privy to our essence, and even then, no “one” person will truly know everything about us. We choose instead, to entrust different people with different situations. Goodness help me, if all of my friends and family ever congregate in the same room.

Card Description

The Stars card is like a patchwork quilt and mainly consists of my own images. Two ATF members contributed patches: tink (the big patch in the middle) and zannamarie with le pendu’s help (the patch under tink’s). I wanted this card to reflect a sense of community to demonstrate that we are all connected. We are tiny atoms of energy and our interaction with one another impacts on the Universe as a whole.

Card Interpretation

Walt Disney captured this card’s essence in his Disneyland television theme song:

“When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
When you wish upon a star
Your dreams come true”

Many of us, at some stage, have sent a wish into the Universe. You may have said a prayer, wished upon a star, wished when blowing out birthday candles or dandelions, or perhaps tossed a coin into a well.

When you send a wish into the Universe, you express your heart's desire as well as your intention to create something new in your life. You open your heart (and mind) to receive and it doesn’t matter whether the wish immediately manifests. The simple process of formulating and expressing your desire is enough to start the “law of attraction” ball rolling. The Universe does not discriminate and will process every wish that is received.

But, a word of warning, hence the phrase: “Be careful what you wish for.” Sometimes your wishes will manifest in a different form to what you expect.

The next time you see the first evening star - close your eyes, open your mind, and make your wish.

Reach for the moon, for even if you fall, you’ll land among the stars.


Perceptive, determined, focused, diligent, loyal, passionate, self-assured, resourceful, intuitive, mysterious, secretive, sexy, possessive, jealous, fixed, hopeful.

Artistic Media

Electronic images created using Macromedia Fireworks software.

Artist's Bio

purple_scorp lives in a small Australian country town. In 2001, she purchased her first deck, “Titania’s Fortune Cards” (a modern interpretation of a Le Normand-style deck). Though purple_scorp has since branched into Tarot, the majority of decks in her collection are Oracle.

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