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24 - Heart

by huredriel

Astrological Symbol Significance


Mutuable water, ruled by Neptune. Sensitive, compassionate, helpful, sociable. Very adaptable, hard to get a hold on.

Playing Card Symbol Interpretation

Jack of Hearts

Casanova, or to use his traditional name, Etienne de Vignolles, Saint Valentine. Charming and seductive, one who steals or wins hearts. Adorable, can appear unassuming, pulls at the heartstrings. Can also denote a military influence or one who wears a uniform of power. Romantic escapes, elopement, Love in its many forms.

Artists Personal Symbol

A heart.

The simplest symbol which matches the title.

Card Description

The sun is descending on the horizon, over the ocean. Waves are lapping upon the seashore. Clouds float across the sky, and the Sun's beams are radiating through. There also seems to be two figures in the water, although it can't be seen as to whether they are human or animal.

Card Interpretation

Love, the purest and highest emotion, is one which everyone seeks, needs and dreams of. Not just personal love for another individual, although that is certainly one of the possibilities, but also love for mankind, humanity and all other living creatures. Universal and spiritual love.

The sun is indicative of the heat and passion that love can bring into our lives, helping to fuel creativity, energy and sparking off of new ideas. It can also denote clarity of thought, expression and feeling.

Although this picture is of a sunset, it could also easily be of a sunrise, the sun either emerging or disappearing depending upon how the reader views it.

Clouds are indicative of that which can obscure our vision, literally cloud our perceptions, our feelings. They can indicate troubles coming or leaving, yet the Sun is still shining through. Hope is ever-present, and is what usually helps to get one through the darker times in life.

The ocean calls to the reader's deepest feelings, the emotions that govern our minds, hearts, souls and instinctive reactions. It is also evocative of the subconscious part of our psyche. It can be taken as the very breath of life, for water is essential to our very existence.

The ocean's tides are ruled by the Moon, cyclical in nature and as the Moon dances the dance of life with the Sun, so the tides ebb and flow to their music. Night and day, subconscious and conscious, hidden and overt.

Yet the one thing I would leave you with is a question. How does this version of Heart make YOU feel?


Love; hope; integrity; honesty; cycles of time; emotions; shifting sand; sun; clarity; clouds; horizons; togetherness; depth; intuition; heat; passion; adventure; foreign shores; holidays; relaxing; compassion.

Artistic Media

This photograph was taken from the website of: It was taken by US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. It was printed off in colour, cut and then glued onto card. The four corner symbols were drawn by hand onto white card, using black felt pen. They were then cut out and glued on top of the picture.

Artist's Bio

Huredriel resides in South East England, close to the Thames Estuary, and has a need to live near to water. She loves to use both tarot and oracle decks, and finds them to be enlightening and helpful, especially where a soul's journey of evolvement is concerned. Nothing is more important to her than her cats, friends and family, hence why this card was chosen. "Love is all".

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