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34 - Fish/Orca

by Dancing Bear

Astrological Symbol Significance


Capricorn is the advice of this card, there has been too much play, it is time to be disciplined and focused.

Playing Card Symbol Interpretation

King Diamonds

King Diamonds, the King is a calculating man, who is shrewd and has a determined approach. He can also be cruel and calculating where money is concerned. He leaves nothing to chance…

Artists Personal Symbol


Discipline, Shrewd, Survival, Opportunistic, Intelligence.

Card Description

A starry night , glimmers of light / hope in the background and an Orca floating merrily by…

Card Interpretation

I felt this card needed to be out of Water, Water to me is emotions, With this card Emotions need to be put aside, discipline and determination need to be adopted to take control of ones life, not to allow yourself to wallow in emotions of “what if”.

Orca even though is a Mammal; they are ocean dwelling like the fish.. The Orca is an animal that has all the qualities the querent needs to take on for themselves, a highly intelligent animal, calculating, shrewd when it needs to be, opportunistic when it comes to survival. And they have been known to be cruel and calculating. They have been known to plot and plan, to be disciplined and focused on a result.. All of these characteristics need to be adopted if seeking council of this care, though excluding the cruel side.

If placed within the first 3 cards of a spread, it could represent the querent themselves. If Close to the Querent, look for opportunity opening up. If this represents another in the querent's life, be alert and watchful. As this person may possess the abilities and personality mentioned above and could use them for their own selfish advantage leaving you high and dry, ‘especially’ where money is involved.


Discipline, Focus, Be Alert.

Artistic Media

Computer image of Orca from (free clipart) and the background is a cropped free Image from N.A.S.A ( of a star cluster.

Artist's Bio

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