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37 - Joker of Spring

by Simone

Playing Card Symbol Interpretation


In a card game, he can replace any card. Here, he will enhance the cards around it.

Artists Personal Symbol


The Joker is in the process of doing a handstand, he can turn anything upside-down.

Card Description

On a lusciously green leaf, we see a bug in the sun. His big antennas could be the horns of the springtime zodiac signs.

Card Interpretation

Taken alone, this Joker means new beginnings, growth potential, energy, renewal after periods of sleep or hibernation, but, on the other hand, the bug being a rather unpleasant bug, he can also bug (puns intended) - meaning plans might take a surprising turn. Follow the flow rather than being stubborn! He can give an energy boost to other cards, but he also can alter the meanings / directions of the surrounding cards. He'll support the cards directly above him and push on the cards to his right in the spread; but he might block those under him or to his left...


New Growth, Flowering, Potential, Surprise.

Artistic Media

Picture taken by the artist in the abandoned surface mining area of Rumelange (Luxembourg) in Spring 2006; Joker drawn with Paint.Net; Camera: Nikon Coolpix 5000, now unfortunately dead...

Artist's Bio

Simone Roeder, 38, from Luxembourg, is a passionate photographer, likes all kinds of cards for collection and reading. She is currently combining her talents to create an oracle deck, the finishing of which unfortunately will have to be delayed, due to the non-existent winter, to next spring (and hopefully not longer!)

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