Atavist Tarot

The Atavist Tarot is a non-traditional and original deck, with abstract images from various sources on its fully illustrated cards. Recommended for more experienced readers.

Created by Sally Annett, Rowena Shepherd
Tarot Deck - 78 Cards - Foulsham
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Atavist Tarot review by Michelle Grooms

This is a 78-card deck with artwork by Sally Annett and a 256-page companion book available in both hardcover and paperback written by Rowena Shepherd. It can be purchased separate from the book or as part of the set from many different vendors for £24.99. Both authors can be linked at The deck leans on Thoth imagery and meanings, but with a bit of a twist designed to go with this deck only.

Unfortunately, most of the praise for this deck has come directly from the authors themselves, with little to no positive reviews from other sources. The companion book describes the deck as ďA magical combination of knowledge and inspiration from two extraordinarily psychic people, Sally Annett and Rowena Sheph... read more reviews.

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Theme: Abstract

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Name: Atavist Tarot
Creators: Sally Annett, Rowena Shepherd
Publisher: Foulsham
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 78

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