Upcoming Tarot and Oracle Decks

Tarot and oracle decks that have been announced as forthcoming publications. They aren't yet published, but they are usually already available for pre-order.

78 Tarot Carnival  Open in New Window

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The 78 Tarot Carnival is the third collaborative deck produced by global art project, The 78 Tarot Project. This deck is a wonderful, wild trip to the circus with a hint of Venetian Carnivale, and includes cards created by Jasmine Beckett-Griffith, Larry Elmore and Paulina Cassidy. Now crowd-funding through Kickstarter.

Angels of Abundance Tarot  Open in New Window

The Angels of Abundance Tarot is another positive and simplified tarot from Doreen Virtue, this one designed to increase the flow of money, wealth, happiness and success into your life. Publication has been pushed back to 2017.

Holly Simple Tarot  Open in New Window

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The Holly Simple Tarot is a 78-card deck of digitally coloured ink drawings from Brooklyn-based cartoonist and illustrator, Holly Simple. The major arcana follow a horned character through the Fool's journey, and the minor arcana feature a Unicorn/Centaur (Wands) family, a Siren-like family (Swords), a Merman family (Cups), and a Serpent/Human family (Pentacles). Now funding through Kickstarter.

Minoan Oracle  Open in New Window

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The Minoan Oracle has 54 black and white images drawn from Minoan sculpture, frescoes, seal stones and archeological sites. The cards depict their gods and goddesses, animals, plant, geography, daily life and events (such as the Theran eruption). The deck and 200-page companion book is complete and due for release later in 2015.

Orbifold Tarot  Open in New Window

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The Orbifold Tarot expresses tarot symbolism through the geometry of circles, using a combination of numbers and the four elements to create simple and complex shapes that represent each card. The deck is now funding through Indiegogo.

Sacred Rebels Oracle  Open in New Window

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The Sacred Rebels Oracle is designed to help the reader live their own authentic, genuine life and truth. It has 44 cards with unique ecstatic and vivid illustrations, accompanied by an 180-page companion book.

Silson Lenormand  Open in New Window

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The Silson Lenormand takes its inspiration from medieval illustrations, and imagines a Lenormand as old as the earliest surviving Tarot decks. It's designed in a deliberately rough, primitive style based on hand coloured woodcuts and manuscript illuminations from the 15th century. Available in two limited editions: coloured and uncoloured.

Singing Serpent Tarot  Open in New Window

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The Singing Serpent Tarot is based firmly in tradition, with a 'unique twist, coil and slither'. The 78 black and white, hand-drawn cards each have a serpent present on the card, and are deliberately simply styled. Self-published by the artist and due for release at Samhain 2014.

Sophia Wise One Oracle  Open in New Window

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The Sophia Wise One Oracle has 66 unusual petal-shaped, hand-painted cards for contemplation or advice. Each card is designed as a complete teaching in itself, based on the artist's own journey of healing. The deck is supported by a companion book and instructional videos for each card, and is now funding through Kickstarter.

Stretch Tarot  Open in New Window

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The Stretch Tarot is a mixed-media creation of collaged and altered vintage images from the 19th and 20th centuries. The 78 cards have a grounding in traditional symbolism but have been updated to be more racially diverse and less restrictive in gender associations. Now funding through Kickstarter.

Tabula Mundi Tarot Nox et Lux  Open in New Window

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Tabula Mundi Tarot Nox et Lux is the full edition of the Tabula Mundi Tarot, from the artist of the Rosetta Tarot. It has 78 black and white, Thoth-inspired cards based on the Golden Dawn teachings as in Book T.

Universal Love Healing Oracle  Open in New Window

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The Universal Love Healing Oracle is the 12 anniversary edition of the original Universal Love Cards. The deck now has new paintings from Toni Carmine Salerno and revised messages of wisdom.

Vudu Tarot  Open in New Window

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The Vudu Tarot is a 79-card deck drawing on authentic Afro-Caribbean style, pictographic drawings, culture and references. The cards feature diverse characters inspired by Catholic saints and Afro-Caribbean myths. Now funding through Kickstarter.

Wyzard of Odd Tarot  Open in New Window

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The Wyzard of Odd Tarot is an eclectic blend of tarot, geometry, runes and music, with 78 illustrations formed from a unique method of incense smoke photography. The first edition of 52 decks is sold out, but the second edition is coming soon and is available for pre-order.

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