Toltec Oracle

The Toltec Oracle is a deck of 33 cards, featuring colorful artwork from original 16th-century Toltec sources. The deck incorporates Toltec spiritual principles and is intended to be a path for self-development, rather than fortunetelling.

Created by Victor Sanchez
Tarot Deck - 33 Cards - Bear & Co
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Toltec Oracle review by Wendy Stokes

Victor Sanchez is a Mexican author, retreat organiser, psychotherapist trainer and workshop facilitator and specialist in MesoAmerican spiritual tradition. Original artwork of the cards is taken from 400 year old codices. The book contains information on how to conduct a reading with this oracle, various suggested spreads, an explanations of Toltec history, culture and spirituality and how to understand the indigenous words used in the book.

According to the Toltecs, two interconnected and opposing energies propel evolution. Opposites complement each other and say, ‘You are my other self and we must co-exist’. To be ‘impeccable’, we must use this energy wisely and in this way, we become a ‘warrior’. We must also speak out loud to the deities (the Poderos) and develop a rapport and... read more reviews.

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Theme: South & Central American

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Name: Toltec Oracle
Creators: Victor Sanchez
Publisher: Bear & Co
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 33

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