Angel Insight Pack

The Angel Insight Pack is an oracle deck with angel imagery designed to give inspiration, wisdom and guidance. The 52 cards have silver highlights and show individual angels (not named) with a keyword at the base of the card.

Created by Christine Astell, René Milot
Oracle Deck - 52 Cards - Duncan Baird 2008
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Angel Insight Pack review by Chloe McCracken

This 52 card angel deck is absolutely beautiful, well-thought out and well-executed. All the images have the wonderful added touch of having silver highlights, which bring a feeling of radiance and three dimensionality to the pictures. The symbolism is simple, clear, and beautifully drawn. As well as the deck, the kit comes packaged in a top-opening box with an 80 page explanatory book entitled "Discovering Angel Energy".

The cards are good quality, laminated stock. Sized 4''3/4 (12cm) by 2"5/8 (6.5cm), about the same size as Lo Scarabeo decks, they may be slightly challenging to shuffle for those with small hands, but they're not too big. The backs are non-reversible, with a pale blue floating feather design.

The deck is structured into four "suits" of twelve angels ea... read more reviews.

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Name: Angel Insight Pack
Creators: Christine Astell, René Milot
Publisher: Duncan Baird 2008
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 52

Companion Material: An 80-page companion book titled Discovering Angel Energy.

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