Angel Dreams Oracle

The Angel Dreams Oracle is a 55-card deck for dream interpretation and understanding from Doreen Virtue. The cards depict a wide range of real and fantasy themes (rather than just angels) and give concrete, positive advice.

Created by Doreen Virtue, Melissa Virtue
Oracle Deck - 55 Cards - Hay House 2013
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Angel Dreams Oracle review by medusawink

Dreams are the mysterious worlds we inhabit during our sleeping hours. Throughout history and across virtually all cultures people have sought to unlock the secrets of dreams. While some see them as having a psychological purpose, others see them as symbolic, yet others interpret them as messages from the divine, from the deceased, or of having occult origins and purposes. Doreen Virtue and Melissa Virtue see dreams as co-creations of angels, the unconscious mind, and the universe - providing guidance and answers, as well as cautions and warnings. The Angels Dreams Oracle Cards have been created to assist the Seeker to interpret their dreams, and thusly identify patterns of negativity, and self sabotage, as well as underlying causes of situations one may wish to change, eliminate, or ... read more reviews.

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More About These Cards

Name: Angel Dreams Oracle
Creators: Doreen Virtue, Melissa Virtue
Publisher: Hay House 2013
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 55

Card Size: 3.46 x 5.00 in. = 8.80cm x 12.70cm
Card Language: English
Card Back: Non-reversible
Back Design: Open-armed angel against a night sky background

Companion Material: 137-page guidebook accompanies the deck.

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