Dark Goddess Tarot

The Dark Goddess Tarot features 78 goddesses and mythical women, figures who might be considered dark, shadow or challenging. The clear, striking art is visually consistent, yet stays true to each goddess's origins. It's a deep and well-made deck, self-published in a limited edition of 1000 copies.

Created by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince
Tarot Deck - 78 Cards - Arnell's Art 2013
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Card Images from the Dark Goddess Tarot

Dark-Goddess-Tarot-1 Dark-Goddess-Tarot-2 Dark-Goddess-Tarot-3 Dark-Goddess-Tarot-4 Dark-Goddess-Tarot-5 Dark-Goddess-Tarot-6 Dark-Goddess-Tarot-7 Dark-Goddess-Tarot-8 Dark-Goddess-Tarot-9 Dark-Goddess-Tarot-10

Dark Goddess Tarot review by Bonnie Cehovet

The “Dark Goddess Tarot” is a 78 card deck, which comes with a 27 page LWB (Little White Book). It is packaged in a medium gray lift top, heavy cardboard box, with the image of XIII Death (La Santa Muerte) on the cover, and the image of XVII Stars (Spider Woman) on the back. The deck theme is based on feminine deities from diverse pantheons, that flow seamlessly on two counts: the quality of the artwork, and the assignments of the deities to the cards.

I have obviously been living in the dark ages, because it was a surprise to me that a lady that I admire greatly (artist/author Arnell Ando) was the publisher! Kudos, my friend!

I have worked with Ellen Lorenzi-Prince’s previous deck (“Tarot of the Crone”) for a long time now, and have been looking forward to working with this... read more reviews.

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Theme: Dark & Gothic, Feminine, Goddess, Multicultural
Creator: Minoan Tarot, Tarot of the Crone by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince

More About These Cards

Name: Dark Goddess Tarot
Creators: Ellen Lorenzi-Prince
Publisher: Arnell's Art 2013
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 78
Major Arcana: 22
Minor Arcana: 56
Suits: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. Goddesses are selected for the suits based upon an affinity for the element as well as for the meaning of the card.
Court Cards: Amazon, Siren, Witch, Hag. The Amazon is fierce and independent, the Siren's power is her sexuality, the Witch is a practitioner of magic, and the Hag walks with death.
Major Titles: Standard with some changes: Sovereignty (Emperor), Corruption (Devil), and Liberation (Judgment).
Card Language: English

Companion Material: The deck comes with a 26-page booklet, and a full companion book is to be available at a later date.

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