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Yearly Tarot publications: calendars, almanacs and collections of articles and essays.

Llewellyn's Tarot Reader 2005

Llewellyn's Tarot Reader 2005 is a new yearly book of Tarot news, tips, articles, tutorials and ideas. The authors are prominent in the Tarot world and include Mary K. Greer, Diane Wilkes, and Nina Lee Braden.

Llewellyn's Tarot Reader 2006

Llewellen's Tarot Reader 2006 is the yearly publication filled with Tarot-related articles on Tarot history, teaching, card interpretations, spread and decks by various published Tarot authors.

Llewellyn's Tarot Reader 2007

Llewellyn's yearly anthology of articles from Tarot authors and luminaries continues with the Tarot Reader 2007. This year's has articles by Elizabeth Hazel, Mary Greer, Teresa Michelsen, Valerie Sim, and many more.

Llewellyn's Tarot Reader 2008

The 2008 Tarot Reader is the last of Llewellyn's annual Tarot Reader books, and concentrates on Tarot articles and deck reviews from authors like Mary Greer, Rachel Pollack, James Ricklef and Valerie Sim.

Tarot Art Calendar 2006

The 2006 Tarot Art Calendar is a limited edition (up to 100 copies) calendar with original cards for each month by Leslie Cochran, and Arnell Ando of the Transformational Tarot.

Tarot Art Calendar 2007

The 2007 Tarot Art calendar from Leslie Cochran, and Arnell Ando of the Transformational Tarot, is the fourth and final calendar in their series. Each month in the calendar has an original tarot card and is individually signed.

Tarot Lover's Calendar 2006

The annual Tarot Lover's Calendar 2006 is now in its fourth year, and combines unique Tarot art from independent and self-published artists, monthly Tarot spreads, and a useful calendar.

Tarot Lover's Calendar 2007

The attractive Tarot Lover's Calendar for 2007 showcases 12 unpublished and self-published Tarot decks and 13 original Tarot spreads on its pages. Now in the fifth year of the calendar's printing.

Tarot Lovers' Calendar 2003

A limited edition Tarot calendar filled with new spreads and cards from unpublished tarot decks, plus moon phases and extensive religious holidays.

Tarot Lovers' Calendar 2004

A calendar for all Tarot lovers filled with new spreads, cards from unpublished tarot decks, religious holidays, articles and links.

Tarot Lovers' Calendar 2005

The Tarot Lovers' Calendar 2005 combines art from unpublished and independent Tarot decks with an inclusive and useful calendar. Now in its third year.

Tarot Lovers' Calendar 2008

The Tarot Lovers' Calendar is the 2008 edition of Major Tom's self-published calendars. Now in its sixth year, there are another twelve independent Tarot decks and thirteen new tarot spreads. Ideal for the Tarot lover.

Tarot Lovers' Calendar 2009

The Tarot Lovers' Calendar for 2009 features thirteen original spreads, twelve full-colour independent decks, and this year has a gorgeous cover from Tarot artist Kris Waldherr.

Tarot Lovers' Calendar 2010

The Tarot Lovers' Calendar 2010 features independent and unpublished tarot decks, and original spreads for each month of the year. The ideal gift for the tarot lover or collector.

Tarot Lovers' Calendar 2011

The Tarot Lovers' Calendar 2011 is a showcase of independent and in-progress tarot decks, with full-colour images of 12 decks. There's also 13 original tarot spreads and a calendar packed with religious holidays and moon phases, all in a limited edition, spiral-bound quality calendar.

Tarot Lovers' Calendar 2012

The Tarot Lovers' Calendar 2012 is the 10th anniversary edition of the calendar from Major Tom Schick. A gallery of 12 independent and in-progress tarot decks, they are also accompanied by 13 original tarot spreads and a calendar packed with religious holidays and moon phases. All printed in a limited edition, spiral-bound calendar.

Tarot Lovers' Diary 2009

The Tarot Lovers' Diary 2009 is a small spiral-bound diary with card meanings, original card images, daily facts, and plenty of space for appointments and events each day. It's well put together, filled with tarot info, and small enough to fit into a handbag or purse. Perfect for tarot enthusiasts.

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My name is Kate Hill (also known as Solandia) and I'm a Tarot reader, deck collector, and lifelong student of the beauty and diversity of Tarot cards.

I created Aeclectic in 1996 to share my passion for Tarot with the world, and I've added 1500 decks over the years. Read more about me, contact me or connect in the forum.

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