Unusual Media

Unusual forms of tarot - dice, tiles, wheels, board games and more.

Kaleidoscope Tarot  Open in New Window

The Kaleidoscope Tarot is a set of simple stained glass tiles, available as 24 majors (there are two extra: Earth and Spirit) and the full set of 80. The set is based on the colour and attribution system of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and is a pre-cursor to the Tarot of Color cards.

PlainCards  Open in New Window

PlainCards make it easy to create and print your own set of Tarot cards. Containing sheets of coatable or matte stock with four perforated cards with rounded corners, each set also has printing instructions and an emery board for smoothing card edges.

Tarot Dice  Open in New Window

The Tarot Dice are set of thirteen dice with 78 simple symbols for the tarot archetypes on th faces of the dice. It's a very novel tarot product intended for divinatory readings.

Tarot Gems  Open in New Window

The Tarot Gems: Tarot Companion Dice are a new way of choosing the cards for a reading. There are seven multi-sided dice in the set, which come in a lined bag and with an instruction booklet.

The Tarot Game  Open in New Window

The Tarot Game by Jude Alexander is a board game for deepening understanding of the cards, either alone as a meditation or as a group activity. The set includes a game board, dice, blessing coins, activity card, and a keyword deck, but does require a separate tarot deck in order to play.

The Tarot Wheel  Open in New Window

The Tarot Wheel is a very simplified text-based tool for reading tarot. It uses seven circular wheels (one each for The Present, The Past, The Future, Ambitions, Influences, Strengths, and Outcome) that in conjunction offer a reading.

The Wheel of Wisdom  Open in New Window

The Wheel of Wisdom is a kabbalistic oracle wheel that combines two systems - 96 answers though 'ancient karma scripts' on the front, and angel advice on the reverse.