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Magic & Ritual

Books on the use of Tarot in magic or rituals.

Good Cat Spell Book

The Good Cat Spell Book is unusual book of magick that concentrates on positively oriented spells performed with the active help of a feline familiar. It also teaches 'felidomancy' or cat divination and includes an oracle sheet for this purpose.

Meditations on the Tarot

A masterful book which utilises the Major Arcana of the Tarot as tools to enter spiritual dimensions. A work ranked amongst the classics of mysticism, gnosis and magic.

Portable Magic: Tarot is the Only Tool You Need

Portable Magic: Tarot is the Only Tool You Need teaches how to work ritual magic with only a tarot deck. Tyson's system is based on ceremonial magic and the Golden Dawn tradition.

Tarot & Magic

A book on tarot to be experienced on all levels, rather than simply read. Kraig has used four tarot decks to illustrate the use of tarot in ritual and magic.

Tarot and the Magus

The Tarot and the Magus is a unique insight into the workings of a modern-time and practicing Magus and Tarot Reader.

Tarot Spells

The tarot spells each consist of a tarot spread, meditation and affirmation. They cover all aspects of life - love and romance, decisions, dreams, families, business, stress, self-improvement. Aimed at tarot novices.

Tarot Talismans

Tarot Talismans: Invoke the Angels of Tarot is from Golden Dawn and ceremonial magician, artist and author Sandra Tabatha Cicero, and is intended to show the student how to make and use magical talismans for achieving their goals, using the Tarot as its base.

Women of the Golden Dawn

By prominent tarot author Mary K. Greer, this book delves into the lives and stories of the women who founded and nurtured the occult group, the Order of the Golden Dawn.

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I created Aeclectic in 1996 to share my passion for Tarot with the world, and I've added 1500 decks over the years. Read more about me, contact me or connect in the forum.

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