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Down-to-earth, practical, useful Tarot books with a minimum of mysticism.

365 Tarot Activities

365 Tarot Activities is exactly as it sounds: more than 300 different prompts and exercises, created as a means for more personal learning and enjoyment of the cards. It can be used with any tarot deck, and even includes some activities for use with oracle decks.

Creator's Tarot

'Creator's Tarot: Recreate Your Outcome Using The Law of Attraction' offers insightful ways to interpret the 78 cards within the framework of manifestation and self-empowerment. It's designed so that information gleaned from a Tarot reading can help the reader to be proactive, focused, and mindful in achieving their goals.

How to Write for the New Age Market

How to Write for the New Age Market is by Richard Webster, a published author with years of experience as an editor and author of more than 25 books with Llewellyn. In this book, he takes the reader through the full process from choosing a topic to promotion your finished book.

It's All in the Cards: Tarot Reading Made Easy

It's All in the Cards is John Mangiapane's first book. He takes a practical approach to reading and using Tarot cards as a tool for self-knowledge, guidance and divination.

Learning Tarot Reversals

A Tarot resource for all levels of readers, to help with the sometimes sticky issue of learning to use reversed Tarot cards. Highly recommended.

Learning the Tarot

The tarot book for beginners. Containing a complete 19 lesson course on reading tarot and thorough, but not overly numerous, meanings for the cards themselves. Highly recommended for tarot newcomers!

Putting the Tarot to Work

A practical, non-spiritual book describing approaches and techniques for using Tarot in the corporate world.

Taking the Tarot to Heart

Taking the Tarot to Heart is the second book from Mark McElroy, applying his very practical and no hocus-pocus style to using Tarot in love and relationships.

Tarot Affirmations

Tarot Affirmations combines a variety of affirmations with the 78 cards of the tarot, in particular James Ricklef's own deck, the Tarot of the Masters. It's an easy to use guide to affirmations.

Tarot for Manifestation

Tarot for Manifestation: Use the Cards to Make Your Desires a Reality is an independently published book by Canadian Tarotist and online personality, James Wells. Through the sharing of his personal wisdom, his own and his client's stories, and interesting gender-neutral text, James has created a wonderful way to expand the ways in which the Tarot are used.

Tarot for Self Discovery

Tarot for Self Discovery is a workbook of more than fifty novel tarot card exercises, designed to delve into your psyche and increase your self-knowledge. Excellent.

Tarot for Writers

Tarot for Writers helps writers use the tarot cards to inspire their creativity, brainstorm, overcome writers' block, structure a story and more. There's also info on tarot and its symbolism for those who are new to using the cards with their writing. From Corrine Kenner, who also wrote Tarot Journaling.

Tarot Made Easy

A very introductory guide to understanding tarot cards in readings. For ease of use, the card meanings are split up into 32 categories, which include focus, desire, beginnings, best course of action, finances, anxiety, even mail and visitors.

Tarot: Your Everyday Guide

A tarot book with lengthy interpretations and suggested meanings for each tarot card, and focusing on the more practical, everyday aspects of life.

The Tarot Playbook

The Tarot Playbook is a 176-page book with 78 novel ways to connect with your cards. Through games, activities and what-if readings, the reader can become familiar with the unique personality of their tarot deck.

What Tarot Can Do for You: Your Future in the Cards

What Tarot Can Do for You provides the beginner with practical methods for using the Tarot for problem solving, rituals, divination, journaling and healing.

What's in the Cards for You?

What's in the Cards for You? is a workbook of thirty original 'experiments' designed so the reader can find for themselves how Tarot can be useful in their lives. The book is written in McElroy's typical skeptical and demystified style.

Who Are You in the Tarot?

Who Are You in the Tarot? helps you discover your birth and year cards in the tarot. It's from Mary Greer, and picks up where her earlier book, Tarot Constellations, left off. A must-have for the tarot library.

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