Angel Tarot

A strongly coloured, very pretty recreation of the Rider-Waite tarot scenes. The Angel Tarot cards are reasonably lifelike and have a slight Disney feel. Now available in a laminated, limited-edition version.

Created by Maria Miduki, Michel Angela
Tarot Deck - 22 Cards - Self Published
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Angel Tarot review by Sheila Hamilton

This deck contains the Major Arcana only. The 22 cards have traditional titles but in Italian. In a nod to the Tarot of Marseille, the 5th card is Il Papa (Pope) instead of Hierophant. Generally, the main Tarot influence is the Rider-Waite, but this is definitely not a clone.

Maria Miduki is part-Italian and part-Japanese, and her mixed heritage is reflected in her deck. As I have said, the titles are in Italian. The figures in most cards are of European appearance. The Devil card (Il Diavolo) goes one step further and embodies influence from Italian art. The devil is a beautiful woman. She does have little devil-horns and rather terrifying talons where her feet should be, but she is beautiful. This motif is found in the many Renaissance paintings entitled The Temptation of St. A... read more reviews.

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Theme: Rider-Waite Clone

More About These Cards

Name: Angel Tarot
Creators: Maria Miduki, Michel Angela
Publisher: Self Published
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 22
Deck Tradition: Rider-Waite-Smith
Card Back: Unknown

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