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Angel Voices Oracle

A pretty, tidy 80-card oracle based on the traditional Christian guardian angels and archangels. The Angel Voices Oracle also incorporates astrological associations, shown by the colour-coding of the angels' backgrounds and clothing.

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Created by Antonella Castelli, Laura Tuan
Oracle Deck - 80 Cards - Lo Scarabeo

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Card Images from the Angel Voices Oracle

angvoi3 angvoi24 angvoi44 anvoi54 anvoi65 angvoi73

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Angel Voices Oracle review by Solandia

The Angel Voices Oracle is an 80-card, non-tarot deck of angels and archangels with an element of astrology. Described on the box as the "celestial choir, the harmony of the world, timeless angels, who, in the name of the Eternal, watch over human happenings", the concept is by Laura Tuan and the artwork the creation of Antonella Castelli (who also illustrated the Tarot Art Nouveau and the Spirit of Flowers Tarot).

The angels featured in this deck follow the complicated structure described in Gnostic and medieval Christian texts, where there are 72 guardian angels divided into nine 'choirs' of eight angels each.

Choir - Planet - Background - Example Angels

Seraphs - Neptune - Cloudy sky - Elemiah, Lelahel
Cherubs - Uranus - Sky with lightning - Aladiah,
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Name: Angel Voices Oracle
Creators: Antonella Castelli, Laura Tuan
Publisher: Lo Scarabeo
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 80

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