Tarot of the Animal Lords

Featuring human figures with the heads of anthropomorphised animals, the Tarot of the Animal Lords cards are more charming than they sound. The animals chosen are from all over the world and include African elephants, European badgers, Australian, sea horses, birds, even a few insects.

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Created by Angelo Giannini
Tarot Deck - 78 Cards - Lo Scarabeo

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Four of Wands Ace of Swords Emperor Judgement King of Chalices Wheel

Tarot of the Animal Lords review by Solandia

The Lords in this, the Tarot of the Animal Lords from Lo Scarabeo, are anthropomorphic figures with an animal head on a human body. Featuring insects, birds, and wild animals of the world - tigers, lynxes, elephants, koalas, birds, walruses, and a few domesticated animal (cat, rooster, ram and goat) all are ably drawn by Italian artist Angelo Giannini.

The minor arcana suit emblems have been altered, and rather than Swords, Wands, Chalices and Pentacles, these are now Butterflies, Salamanders, Crabs and Beetles. The major arcana are linked with animals as follows:

Fool Badger
Magician Fox
High Priestess Cow Elephant
Empress She-wolf
Emperor Lion
Heirophant Reindeer
Lovers Mandarin Duck
Chariot Swan and Crowned Crane
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Name: Tarot of the Animal Lords
Creators: Angelo Giannini
Publisher: Lo Scarabeo
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 78

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