AORA Gemstone Oracle Cards

Also known as AORA Edelstein Orakel (German Edition)

Work with the crystals' healing energies and principles and explore the crystal realm in the AORA Gemstone Oracle Cards. A particular gem is associated with each of the 44 cards in this gorgeous oracle deck.

Created by James McKeon
Oracle Deck - 45 Cards - Viktara 1998
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aorablod aoracarn aoracit aorafluo aorajade aoramoon

AORA Gemstone Oracle Cards review by Michelle Grooms

The AORA is a 44-card divination deck by authors Roberta Carothers and James McKeon, with artwork also by James McKeon with assistance from Noreen Levi. First published through Viktara in 1998, it is still readily available from many different retailers and bookstores for $29.95. The set includes the 44 cards and a 112-page book by the authors.

Aora was an oracle and healer well known in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Atlantean mythology. Her name means “Golden Light” and is the origins of the word “aura.” She lived in Zezirath, Egypt, near ancient Memphis, in the time of Pharaoh Zoser and his most famous priest, Imhotep, both of whom are reported to have consulted her. She catered to pilgrims who desired healing, enlightenment, and divinational answers, and founded a Mystery Sch... read more reviews.

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Theme: Crystal

More About These Cards

Name: AORA Gemstone Oracle Cards
Alternate Names: AORA Edelstein Orakel (German Edition)
Creators: James McKeon
Publisher: Viktara 1998
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 45
The Fool is 0

Card Size: 4.00 x 5.00 in. = 10.16cm x 12.70cm
Card Language: English
Card Back: Non-reversible
Back Design: A gemstone doorway with a jeweled center

Companion Material: 112 page companion book is included with the set.

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