Arcanas of the Star

Also known as Les Arcanes de l'Etoile

The Arcanas of the Star is a 22-card art deck with the look of a high-quality comic book. It has modern, somewhat ambiguous images with dramatic and and intense feel. From French painter and artist Phillipe Rouchier.

Created by Philippe Rouchier
Tarot Deck - 22 Cards - Unknown Publisher 2011
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Arcanas of the Star review by Wendy Stokes

‘The Arcanas of the Star’ by Philippe Rouchier contains colour artwork designs for each of the 22 major cards of the tarot. The figurative images are ultra modern and highly stylised and many carry an interesting gender and conceptual ambiguity which allow deep expression of the imagination and intuition. The cards have black backs with a yellow central circle within a geometric design of a star shape.

The packet also contains a 42 page explanatory booklet written in both French and English of traditional upright card concepts. The card sequence is non-standard, card 8 is Justice and card 11 is Strength. There is a suggested spread of ten cards and questions are provided to assist the reader. I used this ten card suggested spread for a simplified and personal interpretation. <... read more reviews.

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More About These Cards

Name: Arcanas of the Star
Alternate Names: Les Arcanes de l'Etoile
Creators: Philippe Rouchier
Publisher: Unknown Publisher 2011
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 22
Major Arcana: 22
Minor Arcana: 56
Card Language: French, English

Companion Material: 42-page booklet in French and English

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