The Burning Serpent Oracle

The Burning Serpent Oracle is the creation of Rachel Pollack and Robert M. Place, based on Lenormand imagery and illustrated in Place's stunning artistic style. The 38 cards can be used like a Lenormand deck, but they have also been designed to be accessible to beginners, and to have a deeper spiritual dimension that allows for personal visionary interpretations.

Created by Rachel Pollack, Robert M. Place
Oracle Deck - 38 Cards - Hermes Publication 2014
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Card Images from the The Burning Serpent Oracle

Burning-Serpent-Oracle-1 Burning-Serpent-Oracle-2 Burning-Serpent-Oracle-3 Burning-Serpent-Oracle-4 Burning-Serpent-Oracle-5 Burning-Serpent-Oracle-6 Burning-Serpent-Oracle-7 Burning-Serpent-Oracle-8 Burning-Serpent-Oracle-9 Burning-Serpent-Oracle-10

The Burning Serpent Oracle review by Thomas Freese

Itís very hard to set down The Burning Serpent Oracle, both text and cards, in order to write a review, as both are fascinating guides to my recent journey toward Lenormand wisdom. Rachel Pollack has written a thorough text, which patiently explains numerous facets of a good working knowledge of the intriguing Lenormand cards. And Robert M. Place, also a talented author as well as skilled illustrator, provides clear and uncluttered artistic images; crafting perfection through simplicity. The synergy of the combined talents of both creators of the Burning Serpent Oracle conveys clear and strong visuals, rich in both color and metaphor.

These cards will be recognizable across the room at a psychic fair, The Heart, with flowering rose and cool Demeter holding The Scythe. The Gold R... read more reviews.

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More About These Cards

Name: The Burning Serpent Oracle
Creators: Rachel Pollack, Robert M. Place
Publisher: Hermes Publication 2014
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 38
Card Language: English
Back Design: Hermes in front of a sunrise and bordered by green twining vines

Companion Material: 260-page companion book by Rachel Pollack.

Extra Info: There are thirty-six cards in this deck, plus four variants, two of which are numbered 37 and 38, and two of which are simply alternatives to cards 28 and 29.

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