Celtic Lenormand

The Celtic Lenormand has 45 stunning cards illustrated by Will Worthington of the DruidCraft Tarot. In addition to the 36 usual Lenormand cards, there are extra cards for both gender balance and to extend the Pagan and Celtic theme.

Created by Will Worthington, Chloe McCracken
Oracle Deck - 45 Cards - US Games 2015
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Card Images from the Celtic Lenormand

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Celtic Lenormand review by Bonnie Cehovet

The “Celtic Lenormand” is a 45 card pagan themed Lenormand oracle, which comes with a 187 page companion book. The backdrop for these cards is the landscape of Brittany, in the north of France. The traditional 36-card structure of the Lenormand has been augmented with additional cards: there are two tree cards for the God (the Oak and the Holly), three different Birds cards that reflect the three aspects of the Goddess (Maiden/Mother/Crone), an additional snake card that reflects a more positive, healing, and transformative aspect of snake, a cat card to go along with the dog card, as cats are traditional familiars, and four additional “people” cards that were added for gender balance.

The deck and book come in a sturdy cardboard box with a lift-off top. The inside has an inset f... read more reviews.

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Theme: Celtic, Lenormand
Category: Borderless Decks
Creator: Camelot Oracle, Druid Animal Oracle, Druid Plant Oracle, DruidCraft Tarot, Wildwood Tarot by Will Worthington

More About These Cards

Name: Celtic Lenormand
Creators: Will Worthington, Chloe McCracken
Publisher: US Games 2015
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 45
Card Language: English
Card Back: Reversible
Back Design: Celtic knotwork designs in shades of yellow and gold

Companion Material: 188-page guidebook

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