Dali Universal Tarot

The Dali Universal Tarot was purportedly created by Salvador Dali himself, as a commission in the 1970s. The 78 card has been published in two editions: the rare gold enhanced version and now this less pricey and more obtainable edition from Taschen.

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Created by Juan Llarch, Salvador Dali
Tarot Deck - 78 Cards - US Games Taschen 2014

Card Images from the Dali Universal Tarot

Dali-Universal-Tarot-1 Dali-Universal-Tarot-2 Dali-Universal-Tarot-3 Dali-Universal-Tarot-4 Dali-Universal-Tarot-5 Dali-Universal-Tarot-6 Dali-Universal-Tarot-7 Dali-Universal-Tarot-8

Dali Universal Tarot review by Gina

Knowing my fascination for all things Dali and my love for Tarot, my other half presented me with the perfect gift last year. I dove right in, spent hours looking at each card, and finally pronounced it my Blood and Butterflies deck. Perhaps it was the fever that turned into a flu within 24 hours which made me see so much of the color red in the cards. I loved the deck, but felt that it was more of a collectable deck than anything that I would ever use in an actual reading.

Last week I unshelved the Tarot Universal Dali, to share with a friend, and found myself taking a second and much deeper look. The deck is packaged in a box within a box. The outer box is covered in burgundy-red velvet with gold lettering, and the inner case containing the cards is a sturdy, dark brown, c... read more reviews.

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Theme: Art Styled, Surreal
Category: Available Decks

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Name: Dali Universal Tarot
Creators: Juan Llarch, Salvador Dali
Publisher: US Games
Publisher: Taschen 2014
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 78
The Fool is 0

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