Devas of Creation

The Devas of Creation is a 72-card oracle deck for working with the Devas, the multi-dimensional energies or 'Shining Ones', as described by Sanskrit mystics. The 72 cards move from The Void, Divinity and the Angelic Realms through to The Planets, The Seasons and Earth environments and are designed for multiple uses - meditation, therapy, or working through negative energies.

Created by Cilla Conway
Oracle Deck - 72 Cards - cc3 Publishing 2014
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Card Images from the Devas of Creation

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Devas of Creation review by Jennifer Uzzell

I first encountered the Devas of Creation cards at a workshop with the author and artist, Cilla Conway. She had laid the cards out in a spiral with 'the void' at the centre and at the very first sight I had of them they made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

It was obvious to me at the very first sight that they are intended to represent creation; the explosion of pure consciousness and potential into time and space. This is an idea that resonates with me very strongly through my interest in Eastern spirituality and, in particular, Kashmiri Shaivite Hinduism where Shiva represents absolute undifferentiated consciousness (The Void) while his consort Parvati represents th... read more reviews.

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Theme: Abstract, Angel
Creator: Byzantine Tarot, Intuitive Tarot by Cilla Conway

More About These Cards

Name: Devas of Creation
Creators: Cilla Conway
Publisher: cc3 Publishing 2014
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 72

Card Size: 3.54 x 5.12 in. = 9.00cm x 13.00cm
Card Language: English

Companion Material: 100-page booklet by Cilla Conway

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