Egorov Tarot

The Egorov Tarot is a self-titled Tarot from Russian artist, Alexander Egorov, and published in Austria. The card imagery is Rider-Waite-styled and they have titles in English, German and French.

Created by Alexander Egorov
Tarot Deck - 78 Cards - Piatnik
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Egorov Tarot review by Dionysius S. Badarian

Let me state right off that the LWB provided with the Egorov Tarot is somewhat less than completely helpful. Experienced tarot collectors and readers will not be surprised, but in this case, it is largely because of the quality of the translation. The original text was probably in Russian, given the designer's background, or possibly German, given that publication was by Piatnik in Austria. Egorov took a psychological approach to tarot and perhaps the concepts were difficult to render in English. Careful reading and perhaps re-reading (of some passages) will help. Given the particular approach to tarot interpretation taken here, I will momentarily bewail the lack of a suitable book to accompany the deck.

That done, the Egorov Tarot is a fascinating deck! There are many styles of ... read more reviews.

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Name: Egorov Tarot
Creators: Alexander Egorov
Publisher: Piatnik
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 78

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