i Gatti

Also known as 22 Arcani Gatti / Cats Tarot

The Gatti deck is an Italian Tarot of 22 cards, each featuring a cat illustrated in black and white. It's the cat version of the i Cani deck, also by Menegazzi, and is a limited edition with unlaminated and slightly differently sized cards.

Tarot Deck - 22 Cards - il Meneghello
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i Gatti review by Sage Rose

The limited edition i Gatti tarot is suited for anyone who appreciates the recherche. This major arcana deck (or at least mine) arrives in a small, diary shaped box that ties with a ribbon.

Inside you will find unlaminated, slightly corregated, light tan colored cards. Each contains an old fashioned pen and ink drawing of a feline illustrating the principles of the card. The felines are engaging because they are not drawn to appear cute. In addition, each card contains only objects neccesary to create a sense of scenery and to contribute to the meaning of the card.

I have found it reads well for my single and three card readings, simple and dire... read more reviews.

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Theme: Animal, Cat
Category: Black and White Decks, Small-Size Decks

More About These Cards

Name: i Gatti
Alternate Names: 22 Arcani Gatti / Cats Tarot
Publisher: il Meneghello
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 22
Major Arcana: 22

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