Golden Wirth Tarot

The Golden Wirth Tarot is majors-only edition of Oswald Wirth's 19th century tarot cards. The images on the 22 large-size cards have been enhanced by glittery gold foil.

Created by Oswald Wirth
Tarot Deck - 22 Cards - Lo Scarabeo 2016
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Card Images from the Golden Wirth Tarot

Golden-Wirth-Tarot-1 Golden-Wirth-Tarot-2 Golden-Wirth-Tarot-3 Golden-Wirth-Tarot-4 Golden-Wirth-Tarot-5 Golden-Wirth-Tarot-6 Golden-Wirth-Tarot-7 Golden-Wirth-Tarot-8 Golden-Wirth-Tarot-9 Golden-Wirth-Tarot-10

Golden Wirth Tarot review by medusawink

Oswald Wirth (1860-1943) was a Swiss occultist as well as artist and author. He was a student of Stanislas de Guaita - a noted French expert on mysticism and esotericism. Under the guidance of de Guaita, Wirth created the Wirth or Wirth-Guaita Tarot and published it in 1889. It is a Major Arcana only, consisting of 22 cards, heavily based on the Tarot de Marseilles. Harnessing his interest in Freemasonry and astrology, Wirth added new symbolism and depth to the Marseilles tarot and in the process moved it firmly into the realms of esoteric and occult knowledge (rather than being a fortune-telling novelty). Another way that Wirth revolutionised the tarot was to emphasise the mystical symbolism of numbers - the number of objects, such as flowers, coins etc. appearing in any given image ... read more reviews.

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Theme: Historical Reproduction
Category: Metallic Decks
Creator: Oswald Wirth Tarot by Oswald Wirth

More About These Cards

Name: Golden Wirth Tarot
Creators: Oswald Wirth
Publisher: Lo Scarabeo 2016
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 22
Major Arcana: 22
Minor Arcana Style: None

Card Size: 3.15 x 5.71 in. = 8.00cm x 14.50cm
Card Language: French

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