The Healing Drum Kit

The Healing Drum Kit is a multi-media product designed for participatory experience in drumming for wellness. It has 24 cards for oracular and meditative use, plus a 10" drum, guidebook, and two play-along CDs. An unusual but effective aid in the spiritual journey.

Created by Christine Stevens
Oracle Deck - 24 Cards - Sounds True, Inc 2005
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The Healing Drum Kit review by Sophie-David

The Healing Drum Kit is a multi-media product containing a set of cards that lend themselves well to both oracular and meditative use, while encouraging direct musical and auditory participation in the reading process.

This product consists of a sturdy box containing a 10 drum, guidebook, 24 rhythm cards and two play-along CDs. The kit is the work of Christine Stevens, music therapist, author, speaker and consultant to the Remo Drum Company. Published by Sounds True, Inc, this set sells for $37 Canadian at, or $33 US at

A similar frame drum would sell for between $20 and $25 by itself, so the kit price of $36 is good value. I would have been willing to pay up to $10 more to buy this product in a retail shop, but I found it at priced at $60 in my favour... read more reviews.

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Name: The Healing Drum Kit
Creators: Christine Stevens
Publisher: Sounds True, Inc 2005
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 24
Card Language: English
Card Back: Double-sided
Back Design: The front has a text explanation, the back has a single word in large print on a bright background.

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