Kazanlar Tarot

A richly coloured 80 card gold-foil deck, the Kazanlar Tarot is a mix of elements from the artist's European and Middle Eastern heritage, plus astrological, Hebrew and esoteric assocations.

Created by Emil Kazanlar
Tarot Deck - 80 Cards - AGM Müller
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Kazanlar Tarot review by Gayla Uslu

I came across the Kazanlar while searching for a deck with a Turkish theme. Much to my surprise and delight, not only does it contain a bit of Turkish influence, it is based on three major religions - Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Therefore, I realized right away it had the makings of a truly intriguing deck.

The creator of the deck, Dr Emil Kazanlar, inspired by his diverse family history, refers to the deck as being ecumenical, meaning universal. He comments on how an ecumenical attitude allows different religions to lead equally to God. He goes on to point out the Tarot is an ecumenical tradition which contains holy symbols of God found in similar form in most major religions. (Ref: Introduction in the Kazanlar Deck LWB)

In the Turkish language, "Kazanlar" means "man... read more reviews.

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Name: Kazanlar Tarot
Creators: Emil Kazanlar
Publisher: AGM Müller
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 80

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