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Lakota Sweat Lodge Cards

The spiritual teachings of the Native American Sioux tribe are the focus of the 50 Lakota Sweat Lodge Cards, which are suited more for self-discovery than divination. The deck was inspired by the sacred Inipi, an ancient Lakota sweat lodge ceremony, used for healing and purification.

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Created by Archie Fire, Chief Lame Deer
Oracle Deck - 50 Cards - Inner Traditions

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Card Images from the Lakota Sweat Lodge Cards

lakearth lakface

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Lakota Sweat Lodge Cards review by Bonnie Cehovet

"The Lakota Sweat Lodge Cards" is a deck of 50 brightly colored cards that carry the wisdom of Chief Archie Fire Lame Deer. They are born of his personal Sweat Lodge experiences, as well as his teachings. The "Lakota Sweat Lodge Cards" are essentially teaching cards, based on the sacred Inipi purification ceremony of the Lakota Sioux.

This deck is a very special collaboration between Chief Archie Fire Lame Deer and three women who shared Inipi experiences and Lakota Sioux spiritual teachings (and who also support each other in a Full Moon Circle and other spiritual rituals). Ann Louise Goulene is responsible for the spirit voices, traditions, card spread guidance and meditation texts; Wendy Meg Siegel is responsible for the card interpretive texts and spread concepts.

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More About These Cards

Name: Lakota Sweat Lodge Cards
Creators: Archie Fire, Chief Lame Deer
Publisher: Inner Traditions
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 50

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