Mage: the Ascension Tarot

Based on the Mage roleplaying game, the Mage: the Ascension Tarot erases the boundaries between fantasy and reality. The artwork is dully lit - lots of browns and greys - and occasionally unsettling.

Created by Jackie Cassada, Nicky Rea
Tarot Deck - 78 Cards - White Wolf
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magqswo magstar mag8wand mag6cups mag8pent magemp

Mage: the Ascension Tarot review by little_crow

I find that this deck is not very practical for many tarot readings, since it was made specifically to use in a role-playing game. (And even states this in the companion book). It was designed ostensibly to give story-tellers an interesting way to come up with new plots and such. This deck stays in my collection rather than being a deck I use normally.

But it's a very interesting deck and I'm glad I found it. I thought that the modern, comic-book like artwork was pretty well done, and having a different artist work on each suit gives an independent identity to the feel of the suits. The images are not restricted by traditional symbolism, and it often offers strange twists on familiar themes that give it character. Most of my other decks use fairly traditional images...... read more reviews.

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Name: Mage: the Ascension Tarot
Creators: Jackie Cassada, Nicky Rea
Publisher: White Wolf
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 78

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