Magus Deck

The Magus Deck is a set of 54 Oracle cards set in the mythical lands of Balhundorra. Intended to be a gateway into the deep unconscious for personal growth and predictive game, it has otherworldly, brightly coloured art.

Created by Dr. Joseph Found
Oracle Deck - 54 Cards - Balhund Entertainment
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Magus Deck review by Kate Hill

The time is now; the place, here. Merely lift the veil to reveal what is already conscious within the unconscious. Another world so close and familiar, yet hidden beneath a soft layer made hard by the passing of your daily lives, penetrable only be a true seeker.

This is Balhundorra The Shadow Lands. Here the sun is forever setting. A perpetual twilight reigns where two moons hang frozen in a starless sky. Here the souls of each of you journey, your truest selves, searching for that which you cannot name. An eternal landscape within which dwells your greatest heroes, your cruellest enemies, your longing for truth both the sacred and the profane.

So says the Message from the Magus in the introduction to the Magus Deck, a set of 54 oracle ... read more reviews.

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Name: Magus Deck
Creators: Dr. Joseph Found
Publisher: Balhund Entertainment
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 54

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