Tarot de Marseille (Camoin-Jodorowsky)

Also known as Camoin Jodorowsky, 1997

Camoin and Jodorowski, French Tarot scholars, have restored crisp detail and outlines in their variation of the Tarot of Marseilles woodcut images.

Card Images from the Tarot de Marseille (Camoin-Jodorowsky)

marmage marhang mardev marace marquee marpip

Tarot de Marseille (Camoin-Jodorowsky) review by Jean-Michel David

There are numerous Tarot decks in print that use the appellation Tarot of Marseilles. Many, of course, are not published nor printed in Marseilles, but follow the designs commonly associated with this southern French maritime city.

The creators of this deck, one of whom is a descendent of Conver family, utilised and compared various versions of this style of deck, and sought to re-create it to its original splendour. It is obvious that they were principally, but not solely, influenced by the early (1761) Nicholas Conver deck. This latter deck, incidentally, is still available as a reprint from three publishers: as a limited edition cardboard collector's deck from Camoin house, from Lo Scarabeo in Italy, and from Heron in Bordeaux (in my view, the best e... read more reviews.

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Theme: Historical Reproduction, Marseilles

More About These Cards

Name: Tarot de Marseille (Camoin-Jodorowsky)
Alternate Names: Camoin Jodorowsky, 1997
Publisher: Camoin
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 78

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