Mayan Oracle

The Mayan Oracle: Return Path to the Stars is a set of 40 cards inspired by the teachings and symbolism of the Mayan civilisation. The cards are very spiritual and New Age in concept and encourage the evolution of a higher consciousness through their use in meditation.

Created by Ariel Spilsbury
Tarot Deck - 44 Cards - Bear & Co
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Mayan Oracle review by Kate Hill

The Mayan Oracle is a 44-card deck designed for spiritual growth, self-transformation and help forming a sacred relationship with the Inner Self. The cards were inspired by the Mayans - a Central American civilisation that was at its height between 200BC and 1000AD and renowned for its gifted mathematicians and astronomical observations - and is a visionary and New Age deck built on top of its Mayan foundation.

The conceptual creators of the Mayan Oracle are Ariel Spilsbury and Michael Bryner, with help from Donna Kiddie on the artistic side. Michael has an interest in Mayan esotericism, shamanism, and is a holistic therapist and spiritual counselor and teacher. Ariel is a spiritual counselor and New Age workshop facilitator. As you might expect, there is also a very spiritual and... read more reviews.

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Theme: South & Central American

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Name: Mayan Oracle
Creators: Ariel Spilsbury
Publisher: Bear & Co
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 44

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