Medicine Cards

Discover power through the ways of animals, using traditional Native American animal associations. The Medicine Cards feature a nice cameo of the particular animal, but are a little on the plain side.

Created by David Carson, Jamie Sams
Oracle Deck - 53 Cards - St Martins Press
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medeagle medbutte

Medicine Cards review by Sally Ann

In the Medicine Cards, Sams and Carson offer teachings from animal medicine. They have brought together what they have learned from the animal kingdom and their teachers through out the years. The cards are illustrated with each animal that is beautifully done with in a Dream Catcher. Each card shows one animal with in the Dream Catcher with its name and number. Assigned to each card is a special quality that reflects that animalís nature.

It is a method of divination to assist your soul to find its path through the medicine of animals. Each aspects of the animal has its own medicine to teach one in your life. Each part of creation has a distinctive place with in the Medicine Wheel all its own. The Authors have taken teachings from the Lakota, Aztec, Cheyenne, Choctaw, Cherokee a... read more reviews.

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Theme: Animal, Native American
Creator: Sacred Path Cards by Jamie Sams 2013 Oracle by David Carson

More About These Cards

Name: Medicine Cards
Creators: David Carson, Jamie Sams
Publisher: St Martins Press
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 53

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