Motherpeace Tarot

The Motherpeace Tarot is an unusual deck with definite feminist leanings, but unlike many feminist decks it does show a few males. This was the first of the round Tarot decks.

Card Images from the Motherpeace Tarot

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Motherpeace Tarot review by Kathleen Meadows

I pulled out my Motherpeace Tarot deck the other day and realized I have never written a review on it. Iíve written reviews on so many other decks, itís surprising to realize that Iíve never written one on the Motherpeace. Most Tarotists have a special deck; one that carried them into the world of the Tarot. A deck that made them feel comfortable and confident reading for others, and unlocked its mystery in a spiritually gratifying way. Back in 1984, Motherpeace was all that and more to me. While studying the Motherpeace, I had also become a serious student of Yoga, taking several classes a week, and the writings of Carl Jung. When I began studying the Motherpeace and found images of Yoga ... read more reviews.

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Theme: Feminine
Category: Available Decks, Decks of the 80s, Round Decks

More About These Cards

Name: Motherpeace Tarot
Creators: Karen Vogel, Vicki Noble
Publisher: US Games
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 78

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