Mystical Wisdom Deck

The Mystical Wisdom Deck is a 46-card oracle deck with wonderfully coloured illustrations of mystical creatures, angels, fairies and goddesses. It's an uplifting set designed to offer gentle wisdom and inspirational advice.

Created by Josephine Wall, Gaye Guthrie
Oracle Deck - 46 Cards - US Games 2016
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Mystical Wisdom Deck review by Bonnie Cehovet

Mystical Wisdom is comprised of 46 cards and a 64 page guide book. The cards are based on Archangels, Goddesses, Spirit Animals, Fairies, and Mystical Creatures. The cards are meant to deliver uplifting messages and gentle encouragement – to help one move past life’s challenges, and into a space filled with joy.

The cards and guidebook come in a sturdy, cardboard lift-top box, featuring a full color image of the Peacock card top of the box. The 64 page guidebook starts out with the thought that the cards offer guidance for the present and predictions for the future. We are told that we hold within us the power to change our lives, and the free will to choose our circumstances. Each card can carry different meanings. Reversed cards and cards that fallout when shuffling need to have... read more reviews.

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More About These Cards

Name: Mystical Wisdom Deck
Creators: Josephine Wall, Gaye Guthrie
Publisher: US Games 2016
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 46

Card Size: 3.75 x 5.50 in. = 9.53cm x 13.97cm
Card Language: English

Companion Material: 64-page illustrated guidebook is packaged with the cards.

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